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Recent and upcoming thrift conversions and IPOs

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

It's easy for thrift IPOs and upcoming thrift conversions to sneak under the radar, because they're so small and underpublicized. Few people have an interest in promoting an IPO that's raising tens of millions when it's the big IPOs that attract investors and the financial media. The lack of attention means the microcaps have the potential for attractive returns.

This page includes upcoming thrift conversions so that you can discover and track them more easily. It includes thrifts by IPO date, ticker symbol, and conversion type (standard, first step or second step). It also includes a link to the prospectus filed with the SEC, so that you can quickly access all the details on the conversion and where you might find value.

The table is updated regularly, so you're likely to find the most recent prospectus, and that could be valuable since these thrifts often update their S-1 a few times before going public. (Hold control as you click the prospectus link or right-click and open it in a new tab.)

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