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Excellent book! 

"I loved the book. Thrifts are an interesting part of the market that has very low volatility but has historically generated attractive double digit (or better) returns. My favorite parts of the book were 1) the checklist (walks you through how to analyze a thrift) 2) the case studies of thrifts that look attractive and why and 3) the activist interviews. Highly recommend." -- Rich Howe, principal at Stock Spinoff Investing

"Jim Royal shows investors how to invest in a very safe sector of the stock market (or even pre-IPO!) and make significant returns (above market averages). And, it is not difficult to execute these strategies, nor does it require a lot of investors' time and attention." -- R. G. Tichy

Simple, timeless appeal in thrift investing

"Jim Royal distills where to shine the flashlight to build your own repeatable process and build an approach that works for you. He offers five different methods and shows the full cycle examples of ones that worked and didn't." -- G. Peterson

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