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The Zen of Thrift Conversions

How to Turn Hidden Bank Stocks into Big Gains 

"Though no one speaks about them, thrift conversions have been tremendously lucrative for savvy investors."

If you dream of digging up hidden treasure in the stock market,  you’ll want to read this book.

You’re about to discover a niche that portfolio managers and top investment experts can’t touch – even if they knew about it!

It’s an area you have a huge advantage on Wall Street. It’s a place where the potential returns are high and the risks are low, and most of the stocks are acquired at a substantial premium

About The Book

Here’s your guide to these secret stocks:

  • Discover how to systematically uncover these hidden gems

  • Invest even before they go public

  • Find banks so cheap they’re worth more dead than alive

  • Analyze how to buy them and what to look for – even let pro analysts value them for you

  • Hear from three expert investors who dominate this niche

  • Supercharge your returns by getting these top professionals to work for you – for free!


This book provides step-by-step guidance for new investors and offers case studies of current and past stocks. You’ll have the tools to find attractive risk-adjusted returns in small banks.

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Excellent book! 

"I loved the book. Thrifts are an interesting part of the market that has very low volatility but has historically generated attractive double digit (or better) returns. My favorite parts of the book were 1) the checklist (walks you through how to analyze a thrift) 2) the case studies of thrifts that look attractive and why and 3) the activist interviews. Highly recommend." -- Rich Howe, principal at Stock Spinoff Investing

"Jim Royal shows investors how to invest in a very safe sector of the stock market (or even pre-IPO!) and make significant returns (above market averages). And, it is not difficult to execute these strategies, nor does it require a lot of investors' time and attention." -- R. G. Tichy

Simple, timeless appeal in thrift investing

"Jim Royal distills where to shine the flashlight to build your own repeatable process and build an approach that works for you. He offers five different methods and shows the full cycle examples of ones that worked and didn't." -- G. Peterson

Only book on the subject, a joy to read

"Apart from the step-by-step guide--which the reader will find nowhere else--Royal offers three interviews that will knock your socks off with the masters of the thrift conversion art....These three interviews are gripping. I'm not kidding. For investors, they are thrilling, the inside story from the greatest living practitioners." -- Tom Jacobs, co-author of How to Retire on Dividends


Meet The Author

James F. Royal, Ph.D., got hooked on special situations when he discovered that the stock market sometimes gives away companies for free and sometimes even pays you to take them. He worked at The Motley Fool as an analyst managing a portfolio of spinoffs and thrift conversions, and is employed currently at Bankrate. He has been investing in the stock market for more than 20 years, and has a doctorate from the University of Florida. Follow Jim on Twitter.

Meet The Author
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